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An indigenous reporter standing in a bbq area



20 Feb

Babakiueria takes a satirical look at black-white relations in late 20th century Australia, with a comic depiction of a racial role reversal. Written by Geoffrey Atherden (Mother and Son, Grass Roots), the film was awarded a United Nations Media Peace Prize in 1987. Starring Michelle Torres, Bob Maza, Kevin Smith, Cecily Polson, Tony Barry.

  • In documentary (or 'mockumentary') style, the film's presenter (Michelle Torres) investigates white lives in the fictitious land of Babakiueria (Barbeque Area), where white people are a minority, living under black laws and suffering from discriminatory practices and attitudes held by the black majority.

    This film alternates with Girt by Sea and screens on loop throughout the night playing in our Studio. Girt by Sea screens first from 7pm.