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Nvidia Funhouse Hero


ACMI, NVIDIA and VR Adventure World presents

VR Funhouse & The Lab

3 Nov - 3 Dec

Step right up into an amazing virtual carnival world with NVIDIA’s VR Funhouse. Available at Screen Worlds for a limited time only, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the fun, wonder and excitement with the most immersive virtual reality technology available. Featuring Adventure World’s VR Explorer, this installation allows unprecedented freedom of movement and engagement. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this is an exclusive opportunity to explore the future of interactive entertainment.

  • VR Funhouse features seven mini-games set in a virtual carnival environment. Test your skill shooting targets with a pair of pistols at the Shooting Gallery or take aim at moving targets launched from a skeet cannon. Splatter clowns with squirt guns and green goo, or break out a bow and fiery arrows to shoot targets up in flames.

    VR Funhouse combines virtual reality, cutting-edge NVIDIA VRWorks graphics, and advanced NVIDIA GameWorks effects to deliver a new level of interactive gameplay and immersion.

    The Lab is Valve’s compilation of room-scale VR experiments set in the pocket universe of Aperture Science, made famous in the best-selling Half-Life and Portal franchises. Defend your castle from a horde of invaders using only your trusty bow and arrow.

    Located in Screen Worlds. Free and open daily.


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