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Parreno Creative Response Series Hero
C.H.Z. (2011)

Talks & Performances

Creative Response Series

10 Dec - 12 Mar

In the spirit of Philippe Parreno’s love of interdisciplinary collaboration, hear from noted visual artists, filmmakers, sound designers, dancers, critics and writers as they respond to key works and themes in Philippe Parreno: Thenabouts.

  • A Constructed Reality 
    Sat 10 Dec, 2pm
    Leon van Schaik, AO Professor of Architecture at RMIT

    In the first instalment of the Creative Response Series, Professor Leon van Schaik examines the ways in which we construct our own reality, drawing on eidetic recall and examining spontaneously triggered memories that remind us that our spatial intelligence is a constructed intelligence built on shared capability.

    Professor van Schaik promotes local and international architectural culture. His research focuses on creating and sustaining innovative communities of practice. He has developed a practice-based research program for architects and designers whose work demonstrates mastery in their field. Professor Van Schaik also writes professional reviews for internationally recognised architectural journals.

    Parreno is a collaborative artist whose practice encompasses film, sculpture, drawing, and text. The dialogic nature of his work is evident in the films and exhibitions that have been produced through collaboration with artists, architects, musicians, composers and philosophers. Through work that draws on cinema, science fiction, architecture, the phantasmagorical, and the natural, Parreno merges reality and fiction to produce exhibitions that radically challenge our notions of reality, memory and the passage of time.