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An animated brain plugging into a music device.
YouTube Party

Talks & Performances

Emerging Writers Festival and ACMI Present

YouTube Party

23 Jun

Brought to life on ACMI’s big screen, this is the natural evolution of a drunken dinner party. With more variety than a YouTube comment section, and twice the amount of spell checking; eight artists are given the floor for five minutes, to share their favourite YouTube videos.

Featuring Michelle Law, Nakkiah Lui, Huw Parkinson, Elizabeth Flux, Chris Somerville, Emily Naismith, Khalid Warsame and Joshua Barnes.

No Longer Available.
  • Whether it’s by featuring vloggers on your laptop, gameplays on your tablet or “How to’s” on your phone, YouTube has captivated an audience of millions. Entire genres are created in the time it takes a full season of TV to meander its way to conclusion.

    Creating an event for something so wildly diverse and rapidly evolving is an impossible task, but we attempt it anyway.

    Witness attempts to justify dubious YouTube search histories, find out what a Walkley award-winning videographer thinks is the best video on the internet, and listen as guests attempt to make an eloquent case for why Cats Being Scared By Cucumbers has more artistic merit than Dancing Man Wearing a Horse Mask Cooks Wild Mushrooms. This event is a great fit for anyone who has ever found themselves asking, ‘Hey...have you seen this video on YouTube?’

    Presented in partnership with i-D.