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The Gardens Between Voxel Agent Hero


Presented in partnership with The Voxel Agents

The Gardens Between

23 Apr - 24 Apr

Come learn about video game development from Melbourne based studio The Voxel Agents. See the in-progress development of their upcoming adventure puzzle game - The Gardens Between. A meditative, observational puzzle game where the player guides two young adventurers by moving time back and forth.


No Longer Available.
  • See the different stages of production. From paper scribbles to fully fleshed out 3D environments with animation and music. Test out early prototypes, failed experiments and try some really challenging puzzles.

    On location you can meet game designer Henrik Pettersson, artist Soft Science, animator Josh Alan Bradbury, writer Brooke Maggs and musician Tim Shiel.

    The Voxels Agents create delightful games that unravel in surprising ways. The award-winning developers first established their success with the release of Train Conductor and followed with Train Conductor 2 USA and Puzzle Retreat, with over 7 million global players enjoying the Train Conductor franchise. The team is set to release the highly anticipated title The Gardens Between in late 2016.

    This program is being held in the ACMI Lightwell between 11am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday.