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A nightingale crying flies into a person's face.
Del Kathryn Barton

Talks & Performances

Meet the Artists: Del Kathryn Barton & Brendan Fletcher

22 Jun

Join iconic artist Del Kathryn Barton and acclaimed filmmaker Brendan Fletcher as they explore the process behind the creation of their hauntingly beautiful short film Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale & The Rose.

In this special Meet the Artist event, Barton and Fletcher will give participants a unique insight into the process of conceiving the film, sharing their experiences as collaborators, and offering insights into the creation of the vivid new exhibition Del Kathryn Barton: Nightingale & The Rose.

No Longer Available.
  • Together with filmmaker Brendan Fletcher, Barton overcame the duo's lack of animation experience to embrace the creation of the animated film with a strong vision  to offer something new and creatively authentic, using Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose as their inspiration.

    From working with award-winning visual effects and post-production house Method Studios and the creation of the stirring musical score by singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, to securing some of Australia’s most celebrated actors, including Mia Wasikowska, Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Lowe, to lend their voices to the story, Barton and Fletcher will also explore the multidisciplinary partnerships that contributed to the films creation. Participants will be taken on a journey through the project’s evolution from page to canvas to screen, incorporating Barton’s original paintings, stunning never-before-seen handmade props, and material from the production archives.