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Some young people analysing a filmed scene in a studio.


Mastering Scorsese – One shot

18 Jun

Scorsese is both a visual artist and a technical master, with his signature fast-moving camera, sharp editing and mastery of the one shot. His style and technique reflect his love of different cinematic movements from all over the world, often blending different cinematic techniques with the dreamlike imagery of avant-garde films. In this series of free workshops learn to master the techniques that define Scorsese’s signature style. No prior filmmaking experience necessary.

No Longer Available.
  • Dubbed by some the King of the tracking shot, Scorsese is notorious for his long tracking shots for constantly moving the camera around on tracks, grips, cranes, steadicams for several minutes before cutting, the most famous of these being Goodfellas.

    This workshop demonstrates the one shot technique and uncovers how to employ these skills with narrative and dramatic intentions.