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A young person dancing around wearing steam punk inspired gear.



11 Jan - 24 Jan

Inspired by our summer kids films, choose a character or create your own, cut it out, take a sequence of photos of you character moving, and make a simple animated GIF that we then upload to the internet.

No Longer Available
  • GIFs are mini movies made up of a series of single frames, a form of stop motion where you can animate pictures and tell a story. You may be familiar with making GIFs, or eager to learn how to make them for the first time, either way the end result is fun.

    By combining a sequence of GIFs you can tell a story.

    You can see your animated gif anytime, download it and share it all over the world!

    Workshop is free and no bookings are requried. Drop in anytime between 12pm to 3pm (including weekends).