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Del Kathryn Barton Brendan Fletcher Acmi Talk Hero
Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose, Dirs. Del Kathryn Barton and Brendan Fletcher. Prod. Aquarius Films, 2015.

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ACMI Presents

Del Kathryn Barton and Brendan Fletcher In Conversation

22 Jun

Two-time Archibald Prize winner Del Kathryn Barton and acclaimed filmmaker Brendan Fletcher join ACMI Curator Jessica Bram to go behind the scenes of their collaboration on the short film Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale & The Rose, exploring the collection of paintings and props revealed in the captivating new exhibition Del Kathryn Barton: The Nightingale and the Rose

No Longer Available.
  • From the original 12 works inspired by Oscar Wilde’s fairytale and the transformation into an animated film to the evolution of the multi-medium exhibition, Barton and Fletcher will take audiences on a journey to the heart of her work, providing an intimate account of developing it into a breathtaking new form.