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A old man doing tai chi in a park.

Talks & Performances


Daniel Crooks on Art and (the Manipulation of) Time

23 Feb

Daniel Crooks presents a selection of his work in a cinema for the first time, introducing each work to contextualise his working process and his overarching fascination with the manipulation of time and space.

  • Based in Melbourne, Crooks’ work has been exhibited extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe. The elasticity of Crooks’ video works stems from his deep engagement with both the materiality and theory of video as a visual medium representing movement in time.

    Through both landscape and portrait studies, Crooks explores how perception shifts and becomes fluid through temporal and spatial displacement.

    This event coincides with our exhibition Daniel Crooks: Phantom Ride.

    Film selection:

    Static No.19 (shibuya rorschach)
    (2012, Single-channel High Definition digital video, 16:9, colour, sound, 6 mins)

    Static No.12 (seek stillness in movement)
    (2009, High Definition digital video transferred to Blu-ray, 5 mins, 16:9, colour, sound)

    Train No.10 (onward backwards)
    (2012, Single-channel High Definition digital video, 16:9, colour, sound, 7 mins)

    Imaginary Object #3
    (2007, Single-channel digital video, 16:9, colour, silent, 6:34)