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A still of dancers from Sydney Dance Company for Stuck in the Middle With You

Talks & Performances

Behind the Reality

6 Mar

Stuck In The Middle with You is an exciting and immersive virtual reality experience that puts you front and centre with the Sydney Dance Company.

Join director and choreographer, former Founder and Director of Chunky Move Gideon Obarzanek, and key members of the production team that brought this immersive VR work to life as they walk through the creative steps behind the formation of the exciting new hybrid work that fuses choreography, live performance, film and VR experience.

No Longer Available.
  • With VR revolutionising the way we tell stories, the makers of Stuck in the Middle with You, will take you through the creation of the work. From the use of motion tracked headsets and cutting-edge technology, to the fusion of choreography, performance, documentary and drama you will experience while within the immersive work, this free public talk will explore how VR technologies are allowing viewers to become fully engaged participants in exciting new visual narratives.

    Go behind the scenes of the revolutionary new virtual reality dance work Stuck in the Middle with You, with a revealing exploration of the process behind the reality of this boundary pushing film experience.