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A large group of Italian people taking a portrait in Melbourne.

Talks & Performances

Presented in Partnership with SBS Radio

An Italian Voyage through Melbourne

21 Aug

Accompanying the screening of Scorsese’s epic My Voyage to Italy join us for an afternoon of great Italian food, wine and film, with entertaining  pop-up talks by renowned Italian-Australian personalities. Allow them to take you on a fascinating journey through Melbourne’s Italian past, exploring the multifaceted story of our city’s Italian heritage and history.

  • From the experience of Italian families migrating to Melbourne and the culture they created here, to the undeniable Italian influence on the city’s cinematic, cultural –and of course culinary – landscapes, explore Melbourne’s uniquely Italian connection prior to the screening of My Voyage to Italy screening.

    Make a lunch date with a specially designed Italian menu and enjoy a stellar line up of speakers, demonstrations and music, as we welcome a range of special guests to provide a uniquely Italian historical voyage through our city.

    Featuring chef and restaurateur Stefano de Pieri, former director of the Italian Historical Society Laura Mecca, local writer and editor Lisa Marie Corso, and music by eclectic multi-instrumentalist, composer and orchestra conductor Mirko Guerini.