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The Cactus Channel

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The Cactus Channel

9 Oct

Big blue moonlit funk comes to Bowie late nights, with the timeless soul and heart-racing beats of the Cactus Channel, ten Melbourne youths with depth way beyond their years, on hand to make you get down on the twilight dance floor.

With special guests The Thin White Ukes from 7pm.

FREE > Priority access given to exhibition ticket holders
  • The Cactus Channel is a ten-piece instrumental soul band that is sure to change the way you think and feel about big-band music, blowing away their laptop-tapping peers with real-deal raw funk and soul masterpieces.

    Mixing classic sounds with a dash of youthful magic in the snappy breaks, running bass and screaming organ jams, The Cactus Channel is soul music, but not as we know it. The backbeat and the handclaps are still there and the horns still sound. The bass bumps, the organ screams and the guitars still twang, but the singer has left the room. This is soul music for the afterhours, for the solitary dancers and the lonely hearts.

    Appearing alongside The Cactus Channel is DJ Miss Goldie, who’s on hand to play her sweet array of classic 45s, as well as a very special surprise guest.

    Please note: DJ from 6pm - Bands from 7pm.


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