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Ai Weiwei

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The Art of Dissent


China Up Close

9 Feb

This talk will examine the infinite variety of forms offered by conceptual art to express ideas of freedom, and explore how artists such as Ai Weiwei take on the role of commentators on the many issues impacting contemporary Chinese identity.

Featuring Claire Roberts, Aaron Seeto and Scot Rankin. Includes screening of Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (Alison Klayman, 2012).

No Longer Available
  • Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
    This illuminating portrait of Ai Weiwei examines how his defiant, gleeful and whip-smart works have made him China's most famous and contentious contemporary artist.

    Impossible to pigeonhole as an artist, Ai Weiwei is a key figure in any contemporary artistic representation of China internationally. Very much against the Chinese political grain, Ai Weiwei says what he thinks both physically and in his art, which is always surprising and, in many instances, downright dangerous.

    Of great interest in Alison Klayman's film is the process by which he creates his work. Rather than producing the works himself, Ai Weiwei employs a range of craftspeople and artisans to be his hands. One of these describes himself as an assassin – you get paid, you follow orders and you don’t ask who or why.

    The cross-disciplinary nature of Ai Weiwei’s work spins the documentary from here to there, into the worlds of internet-based art and political comment, sculpture, photography and architecture. Along the way, we explore a China of many hues and mysteries.

    Above all, though, it’s Ai Weiwei’s unique and brave perspective that builds such an engrossing international story, one that captures a real activist and artistic moment in time.