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2 Oct

Unwind to the exotic sound of upbeat party purveyors TEK TEK, as they take you on a trip around the world. An amazing balance of mysterious world music and modern arrangements, this six-piece band delivers enchanting and exotic party rituals. 

FREE > Priority access given to exhibition ticket holders
  • Each hard-working member of this multi-genre mini orchestra performs on at least two instruments, but makes it all look effortless as an impressive arrangement of musical genres and expression is skilfully delivered. The band captivates through the use of exclamatory trombone and trumpet, hedonistic violins and accordion, deeply pulsating drums and bass, wild psychedelic electric guitar, and a rich smearing of harmonised singing (and wailing) thrown on top.

    Performing virtuosic and original music inspired by tropical jungles, late- night Balkan weddings, 1960s chic, and shamanistic desert rituals, TEK TEK creates the perfect dance floor destination.

    With very special guest DJ Mamacita Bonnita playing world music jams and sacred party rhythms.

    Please note: DJ from 6pm - Band from 7.30pm.


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    To secure your spot to TEK TEK, book any exhibition session from 5pm on the day of the event.