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An image of David Stratton on the set of At the Movies
Beloved Australian film critic David Stratton

Talks & Performances

Stratton on Bergman

Talks and Performances

18 Jun

According to David Stratton, one particular screening at the Birmingham (UK) Film Society altered his concept of cinema forever. The year was 1957 and the then-18-year-old film enthusiast was at a screening of Ingmar Bergman’s Smiles of a Summer Night, a film that would provide a gateway to a world of cinematic possibilities and an introduction to the other masters who were making films during that period.

Exploring Bergman’s life and his work, David will appear at ACMI for a special evening of discussion to accompany the Essential Bergman: Selected by David Stratton film season.

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  • Recognised as one of the most accomplished and influential auteurs of all time, Bergman cultivated a fascination for the moving image when he was given a film projector as a boy. That fascination extended to one of the most prolific film careers, with Bergman going on to direct over sixty films and documentaries for cinematic release and for television, most of which he also wrote.

    In this rare opportunity to hear from one of Australia’s leading voices on world cinema, David surveys the Swedish filmmaker’s catalogue of films and examines the impact of one of cinema’s most influential creators.

    David Stratton

    David Stratton was the director of the Sydney Film Festival from 1966-1983. He contributes film reviews to The Australian, and is the author of two books on Australian cinema: The Last New Wave and The Avocado Plantation. From 1981-2004 he presented films on SBS Television and was, with Margaret Pomeranz, co-host of The Movie Show from 1986-2004. In July 2004, Margaret and David moved to ABC Television with their show, At The Movies, which aired until 2014.