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David Bowie facing away from camera in a jacket with the union jack cross on the back.
Original photography for the Earthling album cover, 1997. Photograph by Frank W Ockenfels 3 © Frank W Ockenfels 3


Strange Fascinations

16 Jul - 1 Oct

In conjunction with the David Bowie is exhibition, ACMI presents an eclectic mix of short talks exploring the man behind the icon.

Offering a broad insight into Bowie’s work, as well as the man himself, the series touches on everything from his impact on the fashion world, to his time on screen, and even personal accounts and first-hand insights into Bowie’s time visiting Australia.

Hear from Bowie mega fans, critics, writers, musicians and pop culture aficionados in this intimate, detailed look at Bowie’s iconic work and life.


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