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3D-scanned streetscape
Point Clouds as Landscape Photography


Point Clouds as Landscapes


28 Feb

A strong theme addressed in the art of Yang Fudong is the complex relationships between the urban and rural environments.

This workshop aims to mine similar themes by capturing urban imagery in abstract 3D point clouds and presenting them as landscape photography. Using 3D scanning technology, map your own urban environment and recreate it in abstract black-and-white geometric meshes. 

No Longer Available.
  • More and more methods are becoming available to scan environments in three dimensions including the two generations of the Microsoft Kinect, add-ons for mobile devices and methods based on capturing dozens of still photos of an object. This workshop looks at all of these methods and gives you the tools to collect your own 3D recordings.

    3D scanning and reproduction is a huge growth area in the arts and industy, as William Trossell, co-founder of London’s ScanLab said of their recent work with fashion designer Vivenne Westwood: "The point cloud is a new way for us to look at the world," he says. "It's effectively just lists of numbers. That's a really interesting medium and, much like photography of the 1800s, it's very much in its infancy."

    Intermix is ACMI’s program for young people 15 – 25.

    This is a free event.

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