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Talks & Performances

Broadsheet is a proud media partner of ACMI in presenting Bowie Late Nights


31 Jul

Join us for a night of forward-thinking music, performance and dance for tomorrow’s heroes. Grab a drink at the Late Night bar and get ready to meet LUCIANBLOMKAMP, an innovative young Melburnian currently captivating audiences with his live minimal electronic masterpieces, as he takes you on a journey aided by Rat & Co DJs and dancer/performance artist Benjamin Hancock.

FREE > Priority access given to exhibition ticket holders
  • This is a special live Late Night show full of new ideas in performance, sound and dance with LUCIANBLOMKAMP bringing his modern electronic music. With a sound that contains vast complexity within a minimal pulse, haunting waves of sound and highly evolved organic beats that sound like they are designed by natural selection,  LUCIANBLOMKAMP makes effortlessly unique music.

    New wave champions Rat & Co will be on DJ duties, exploring psychedelic grooves and future beats for the dance floor, while post-human performance artist Benjamin Hancock choreographs a very special Bowie-inspired movement piece.

    Please note: DJ from 6.30pm - Band from 7.30pm.


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    To secure your spot to LUCIANBLOMKAMP, book any exhibition session from 5pm on the day of the event.