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Growing Up Chinese in Australia

Talks and Performances

24 Feb

Join a panel of prominent Chinese Australians including writer Benjamin Law, , writer, broadcaster, actor and producer Annette Shun Wah, cultural critic Juliana Qian and artist  William Yang, as they discuss issues surrounding growing up as Australian-Chinese, understanding their racial culture, and the development of a hybrid identity through acculturation.

No Longer Available
  • Celebrating stories of cultural identity, this very special panel discussion will act as a companion event to the Australian Perspectives film season.

    Using the classic Australian films screening in February – Clara Law’s Floating Life (1996), Bruce Beresford’s Mao’s Last Dancer (2009), and Tony Ayres’ The Home Song Stories (2007) – as touchstones, the discussion explores experiences of Chinese migration to Australia and provides insight into the panellists’ own development of identity.

    These prominent Chinese Australians also share what it means to grow up in two very different cultures, with ties to two very different lands, and how the process of acculturation shapes and influences the experiences of growing up Chinese in Australia.

    The event includes a screening of William Yang’s new film, Blood Links (2014).

    Blood Links is William Yang's new work, a personal documentary exploring his family history. Both Yang's paternal and maternal grandfathers came to Australia from the south of China in the 1880s to dig for gold. Both his parents were born here. Growing up on a tobacco farm in Dimbulah in North Queensland, Yang was brought up as an assimilated Australian with his Chinese side denied and unacknowledged. In his mid-life William claimed his Chinese heritage, leading him to research his own family and to travel around Australia and the USA piecing together a family history, and meeting more relatives than anyone else in the family. Blood Links explores the scores of Yang's relatives from all walks of life in these two countries.

    Please note: a previous version of this event listed Alice Pung and Tony Ayres as speakers. Due to unforeseen circumstances Alice and Tony will can longer take part in the event.