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23 Oct

Long-distance collaborators Collarbones play live emotive modern dance music for the internet generation, blending rave culture with future R&B and old skool rave swagger.

Rising above today’s digital swamp, Collarbones will take this Bowie Late Night into the digital era, with special guest SILENTJAY delivering future beats and MPC treats.

FREE > Priority access given to exhibition ticket holders
  • Every now and again something special rises out of the digital abyss, a Major Tom shot into musical space. Ground Control has definitely taken notice of Collarbones, as the interstate collaborators (one half of the band is in Sydney, the other in Adelaide) straddle the divide between cities to effortlessly blend laptop production and internet art to make digital pop that feeds off the vast history of electronic dance music.

    Making old rave sounds mix with R&B kick drums and emotive futuristic synth-pop, this is what the best of the internet sounds like – perfect snippets of digital emotion for dance-floor delirium.  

    Special guest and Melbourne future beat favourite SILENTJAY plays a warm-up set and special live jam.

    Please note: DJ from 6pm - Band from 7.30pm.


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