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Virtual Bling with Metaverse Manicure


Augmented Manicures

Creative Workshops

15 Feb

A unique performance installation inviting visitors to participate and create their own 3D bling. Run by future fashion collective Metaverse Makeovers, the event combines traditional and futuristic beauty technology. Learn how to paint your nails into the 4th dimension - the virtual dimension - through Metaverse's unique nail and smart phone technology.

No Longer Available
  • Watch as interactive 3D bling pops in real-time off your freshly painted and augmented nails. Led by a Metaverse artist, this collaborative installation will be streamed live to China for a simultaneous contemporary art exhibition.

    Blurring the line between art, performance, beauty and tech this drop-in experience is a window into the youth culture of post-1990s Chinese individualism. As witnessed with the launch of the next generation of wearable technology, the internet of things is here to stay, and personal expression is becoming inexorably linked to augmented and virtual reality.

    Metaverse Makeovers is a transnational, cross-cultural, collaborative, future-forward tech company and brand based in Melbourne, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and online. It comprises an interdisciplinary team of artists, developers, technologists and marketers.

    Drop in to the ACMI Lightwell between 12pm and 4pm for your augmented reality manicure.