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Intermix Hardboiled 2 Hero
Hong Kong Skyline, Michael Pang

Talks & Performances

Analysing Hong Kong Action Films


25 Jan

Join us as we analyse the technical, dramatic and choreographic elements that make Hong Kong action films a genre of their own.  In this thrilling presentation, we take an extended look at the masters of the genre including John Woo, Johnnie To and Ringo Lam.

Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been cancelled.

  • Following a screening of Drug War (2012) by the genre master Johnnie To, our guest critic will discuss the film and Chinese cinema more broadly.

    Guaranteed to feature soaring analogue synthesisers and luscious neon lighting, this event explores how this genre evolved from its martial art predecessors, and identifies the Hollywood heavyweights who stole shamelessly from the canon.

    Intermix is ACMI’s program for young people 15 – 20. 

    This event runs from 3pm to 6pm and is free.

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    Proudly supported by Naomi Milgrom AO