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Writers at the Movies

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Writers at the Movies

3 May 2014

We've teamed up with the Emerging Writers' Festival to present a very special edition of Desert Island Flicks.

No Longer Available
  • Even writers go to the movies. And sometimes, when the movie is really, really, good (or really, really bad), they write about them. In this very special edition of Desert Island Flicks, five writers will share their favourite films and the work these films have inspired.

    Taking the concept of the Top Five film list and turning it on its head, ACMI and the Emerging Writers' Festival are sending not one but five castaways to the desert island. 

    Once stranded with nothing but their favourite films, these writers will need to choose their number one favourite film of all time. The writers will then spend a lively evening discussing why these stories mean so much to them and exploring their own works that these films have inspired.

    Co-presented by ACMI and the Emerging Writers' Festival.