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Vladmaster Viewmaster Experience


Vladmaster Viewmaster Experience

Talks and Performances

22 - 23 Feb 2014

A Vladmaster performance is a simultaneous Viewmaster experience. Everyone in the audience is given a ViewMaster viewer and a set of Vladmaster disks.

No Longer Available
  • A soundtrack of narration, music, sound effects and ding noises to cue the change from image to image leads the audience through the story. The glorious ker-thunk of 200 ViewMasterT viewers turning fills the air. Euphoria ensues.

    Telling two stories over 20 minutes, the Vladmaster Viewmaster Experience is a unique and quirky show that you won't soon forget. The strange mix of private viewing in a communal space will bring a smile to your face as the audience is bound together in a very special cinema experience.

    If only all 3D experiences were like this.