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Veronica Mars

Talks & Performances


Veronica Mars

Talks and Performances

27 May 2014

Everyone's favourite teen private eye is back on the case... Talks and live happenings that pay homage to the small screen in a cult celebration of TV. Join a host of industry experts and luminaries, academics, aficionados and pop-culture sovereigns as they revel in TV past and present. Studio 1 is a hub for TV enthusiasts to celebrate the finer points of the tube and the place to indulge your love of the small screen.

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  • Unclassified 15+ 

    Marshmallows around the world were heartbroken in 2006, when after only three intrigue-filled seasons teen detective hit Veronica Mars was pulled from the air.

    A few years, and one ground breaking Kickstarter campaign later, and TV's sassiest teen sleuth is all grown up and heading back to the Californian town of Neptune to solve another mysterious case - this time on the big screen.

    Join our panel as they look back at all three seasons of Veronica Mars and examine the record breaking crowd funding campaign that saw series creator, Rob Thomas, raise over $5.7 million for a feature film. As we explore the newly released film itself, we can see how, through fan support, a once-dead TV series can be given new life.

    With Mars-like attention to detail, this Live in the Studio will definitely crack the case of exactly why Veronica Mars has made such a lasting impression on audiences.