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TV Behind Bars

Talks and Performances

27 Feb 2014

Get incarcerated with TV's toughest inmates.

No Longer Available
  • With the breakout success of the phenomenal comedic drama Orange Is The New Black in 2013, prison-set television is again dominating our small screens and water cooler discussion. 

    But why exactly do we have such a fascination with life in the lock-up?

    Hailed by The Washington Post as "The best TV show about prison ever made", Orange is the New Black became a hit with audiences and critics alike with its fascinating characters and unique approach to storytelling, as it took viewers into the world of a US federal women's prison.

    Looking at the first series of the show, and exploring Australia's own jailhouse TV with the iconic Prisoner and new drama Wentworth, our guests Clementine Ford, Byron Bache, Jess McGuire and Ben Pobjie go inside TV's infamous female jails to discover why prison dramas are one of television's most enduring genres.