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Foley workshop


The World of Foley

Creative Workshops

27 Jul 2014

Create the soundtrack for an animated film in this hands-on workshop that explores the fabulous world of Foley. Presented alongside DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition, our series of exciting films, workshops, panels and late night entertainment offers unique insight into the studio's lush worlds and beloved characters.
  • Foley is the art of creating sound effects for film, named after the original sound artist Jack Foley. Drop into this hands-on workshop to learn how sound is created for the big screen, and help create an original soundtrack for an animated film.

    Learn which vegetable is used to create the sound of Po's explosive Karate moves in Kung Fu Panda and produce the sound of horses' hooves, ladies' high heels, wind in the trees or water in a far away pond. Professional artists guide you through the creative steps clearly explaining how sound is recorded for film.

    See the animated world come to life before your very eyes as you and your friends fill in the blanks with your cacophonic performance.

    Sessions are free. Drop in ten minutes before the hour, for sessions beginning at at 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm.