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The Creature from the ID


The Creature from the ID

Talks and Performances

8 Feb - 9 Feb 2014

Screening on loop as part of the Melbourne Indigenous Festival, Djon Mundine's eerie new work comes to ACMI.

No Longer Available
  • The history of Aboriginal people is that of figures, of numbers and of shadows. Dreaming tells us that the shadow is your soul. A person can never desert its shadow and a shadow cannot leave its human cast. 

    In The Creature from the ID, art historian and curator Djon Mundine, (Banjalung, NSW) will explore the relationship between dreaming and the shadow in your soul using a selection of Australian films as illustration.

    Reflecting on Freud and Jung's theory that a shadowy black figure, a dreaded being, lurks in the inner recess of every 'white' European soul, Mundine poses the question - if white people's dreams feature a terrifying 'black figure', do Aboriginal people's nightmares feature an equivalent - a feared 'white man'?

    Presented as part of the Melbourne Indigenous Festival, The Creature from the ID will feature a lecture and presentation by Djon Mundine and screening of key works.