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The Animation Challenge: Part 4


The Animation Challenge: Part 4


31 Aug

The fourth instalment of our extended animation workshop series explores the entire production pipeline from development to post-production. In this workshop we are completing the animating process which we began in the previous challenge.

  • To celebrate DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition, we’re excited to present an extended animation workshop series.  You will learn the skills and techniques to create beautiful animation with a strong story and believable characters in intriguing worlds.

    Led by a professional animator, over five months and five workshops we are following the DreamWorks Animation pipeline, to create a short animated film. Throughout the five workshops you will develop one story, building your technical skills and conceptual capabilities as you go. The pipeline begins with the development phase, becomes pre production, production and finally post production.

    In this fourth workshop, we finish the animating process. We pick up from where we left off last time, and will need to work quickly to finish all the shots outlined in the storyboard. With any extra time, you can shoot some pick-ups, cut-away’s, B roll and any additional footage that may come in handy in the editing process.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop your animation skills with other young people and professional animators. Using cutting edge software and cameras to create a polished and impressive final product. The extended nature of this workshop series allows time to build upon the ideas and skills learned in individual sessions.

    The Intermix program is for young people aged 15-20.

    This is a free event.

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