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The Animation Challenge


The Animation Challenge: Part 3


27 Jul 2014

Join our young creatives in the Intermix program in the third and final stage of our extended animation workshop series.

  • In the third instalment of our extended animation workshop series we take a look at the animation phase.

    The animating process is a long, but rewarding journey and will take place over the next two months. Using clever techniques to trick the eye, we will create depth and feeling through the careful placement of glass and other structural environmental elements. 

    In teams you will work through the script bit by bit, using software and DSLR cameras to create a polished and memorable story.

    Led by a professional animator, over five months and five workshops we are following the DreamWorks Animation pipeline, to create a short animated film. Throughout the five workshops you will develop one story, building your technical skills and conceptual capabilities as you go. 

    This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop the art of animation with other young people and professional animators. Using cutting edge software and cameras to create a polished and impressive final product. The extended nature of this workshop series allows time to build upon the ideas and skills learned in individual sessions.

    Information for the remaining sessions in this series to follow. Workshops will take place in August and September.

    The Intermix program is for young people aged 15-20.

    Admission is free but capacity is limited. Register by emailing