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Tech Talk: The Pipeline


Tech Talk: The Pipeline


9 Jul 2014

Understand the technology behind 3D animation in this engaging presentation on the technical production pipeline.
  • Voxels, shaders, particles and textures; these are all terms you will hear in this engaging presentation on the technical pipeline behind 3D animation by software developer and 3D guru Bob Zeal.

    3D animation has come a long way since its fateful birth in film way back in the 1982 classic Tron. Lighting is a key component of the animation pipeline that has evolved dramatically as digital artists collaborate with cinematographers to achieve sophisticated renders that appear more and more natural.

    You will be guided carefully and expertly through this complex topic by Melbourne video artist Bob Zeal. Bob is a performer, animator and software developer who has spent the last year working deep within 3D frameworks for an exciting new project. Bob is the perfect person to present this topic with humour, clarity and lots of awesome clips.

    Presented in support of DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition, this is a great opportunity to learn the technical secrets behind some of the world's biggest films.

    The Intermix program is for young people aged 15-20.

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