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H Broen Slate Hero
Broen (The Bridge) courtesy of ZDF

Talks & Performances

Remaking Nordic Television

Talks and Performances

25 Nov

We investigate the new golden age of Scandinavian television and take a look at some of the most popular series to come out of the Nordic region of late.

No Longer Available
  • With a focus on the Danish/Swedish series Broen and remakes The Tunnel (France/UK) and The Bridge (USA/Mexico), as well as other popular European programs and their remakes (such as Forbrydelsen/The Killing and Les Revenants/The Returned), our panel of speakers will examine our fascination with TV from the continent and discuss whether the English-language remakes stand up to the originals.

    With the popularity of Scandinavian television steadily rising over the past few years, it is clear Nordic countries are offering up some of the most original, challenging and engaging shows on air. Global audiences are tuning in en masse and English-language remakes of European programs are popping up on television networks everywhere from the UK to the USA.

    In this edition of Talking TV we explore how the interest in Scandinavian programming has given exposure to other European content, and why Western television networks are scrambling to develop English-language remakes of these huge European hits.