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Talks & Performances

Presented by ACMI and Freeplay

Parallels: The Freeplay 2014 Showcase

Talks and Performances

18 Oct

The realm of games culture contains parallel worlds. Alongside the mega blockbusters and the viral hits, there’s a whole universe of games to be discovered.

No Longer Available
  • From the artsy, to the weird, to the provocative, to the punk. For ten years, the Freeplay Independent Games Festival  has been exploring these vital margins of game culture in Australia, from bedroom coders, to artists exploring the possibilities of games, to game culture’s punk rockers and agitators.

    In Parallels: The Freeplay 2014 Showcase,  ACMI and Freeplay are bringing Australia’s most exciting under-the-radar games projects and people together to showcase game culture’s parallel worlds.

    Watch as local designers demonstrate and play their creations live on stage and discuss their influences and creative passions. Discover new games and game makers, and find out what makes them tick. Join us on a journey to reveal the artistry and talent of Australia’s independent game makers.