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Img Freeplay Parallels Playday Hero
Boson X, Developer: Mu and Heyo


Presented by ACMI and Freeplay

Parallels Playday

Talks and Performances

18 Oct

In the lead up to Parallels: The Freeplay 2014 Showcase, join ACMI and the Freeplay Independent Games Festival for a day of play, creation, and friendly competition at the Parallels Playday.

No Longer Available
  • Step beyond the mega blockbusters and the viral hits to experience the parallel worlds of videogame culture in action, as Australia's local and grassroots videogame community come out to play.

    Enter tournaments of local and international independent games and explore the possibilities of videogames in relaxed, friendly competitions. Discover the artistry and talent of local game makers at work as they create experimental games live in front of an audience. Witness performances that blend the digital and the analogue, and the expected and the unexpected.

    At the Parallels Playday, join us for a mix of the digital and the analogue, the cooperative and the competitive, and the creative and the playful.

    This is a free event running from 10am to 4pm.