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Gaming, Interactive Art and Organic Interfaces


Gaming, Interactive Art and Organic Interfaces


17 Sep

Physics, generative art, depth sensors; just some of the concepts covered in this demonstration on the technology behind gaming and interactive media. Featuring a special audio visual performance with electronic producer of the moment LUCIANBLOMKAMP, this is a very rare opportunity to see two talented artists from different creative mediums in a unique setting.

No Longer Available
  • Presented to coincide with DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition, this is a great opportunity to learn the technical secrets behind interactive media. It is becoming increasingly possible to be connected to technology without touching a thing.

    Depth Controllers such as the Microsoft Kinect, wearable devices such as smart watches, and Google Glass are all changing the way we interactive with games, art and the world. Artists, gamers designers, and musicians are all looking at new ways to use technology to create engaging and generative content.

    Oliver Ellmers is an interactive artist who will take you behind some of his most interesting projects.  Oliver has an extensive portfolio in a wide variety of screen based media. Previous work has included interactive installations and creative experiences for NZ National Museums and corporate events, collaborative Audio Visual Performances with local musicians, as well as a variety of personal experiential design investigations.

    LUCIANBLOMKAMP is an artist who creates music with a style that's completely his own. Taking reference from a number of genres, he's developed into a master of implementing samples, live instrumentation and vocals into his soundscapes. This musicianship has taken root over a number of years, with the classically trained artist being drawn to electronics because of the endless possibilities the medium provided.

    The Intermix program is for young people aged 15-25.

    This is a free event running from 5pm to 6.30pm.

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    Please note, due to unforeseen circumstances our presenters for this event have changed from Bob Zeal to Ollie Ellmers and Lucian Blomkamp.

    Proudly supported by Naomi Milgrom AO