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Data is Beautiful


Data is Beautiful

Creative Workshops

1 Nov

Data is now the most talked about concept in science, business and the arts. Join us as we break down the hype and introduce you to the key artists, concepts and techniques of data visualisation in this one-day workshop for adults.

No Longer Available.
  • Using open source software, dip your toes into the world of computer code and learn to mould data into artworks. Explore the libraries, tutorials and techniques developed by the best data artists in the world, and learn about the resources that will help you build and develop your skills.

    Data has been described as the new oil, and entire companies are built on the basis of the data they collect. Conversely, governments and organisations are opening their vaults and presenting data in a new wave of transparency, in a process designed for people to creatively remix, reuse and recontextualise.

    Using data from our very own city we will learn some common techniques to visualise data in a beautiful and engaging way. You will be introduced to the key sources of data world wide and have an opportunity to create your own original visualisation to present by the end of the workshop.

    Please note, whilst designed for all skill levels you will predominantly be designing using the programming platform Processing. The workshop requires an interest and aptitude in creative coding and some experience with any programming language is recommended as basic concepts such as variables and object orientated programming may be glossed over.

    For ages 17 and over.

    Tickets must be purchased in advance. In the event of a workshop cancellation, ticket holders will be notified directly and a full refund will be provided. For more information please contact