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Castaway with Kaz Cooke

Talks & Performances

Castaway with Kaz Cooke

Talks and Performances

13 Mar 2014

Join author, cartoonist, broadcaster and public speaker Kaz Cooke as she counts down her top five favourite films.

No Longer Available
  • Kaz Cooke's career spans more than 30 years of journalism, writing, cartooning, radio shows, publishing and public speaking. She is the author of a number of best-selling books including Up The Duff (The Real Guide to Pregnancy), Kidwrangling (Looking After Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers), Girl Stuff (Your Full-on Guide to the Teen Years) and Women's Stuff

    As an author, cartoonist and presenter, Kaz straddles both old and new media. Weighing in on everything from parenting to pop culture, Kaz has made her mark on two generations of Australian women, offering sensible and at times hilarious advice on the ever-changing and very busy nature of women's lives and interests.     

    In this special Desert Island Flicks event, Kaz turns her focus on herself - for one night only - as she is stranded at ACMI with nothing but her top five films.

    Girl Friday


    The Women

    Thelma and Louise

    Moonrise Kingdom