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Young people creating cut out characters and animations.
Flip It and Spin It


Flip it and Spin It

4 Jan - 25 Jan

The magic of a flip book touches everybody. It’s considered to be one of the earliest forms of the moving image.

A flip book comprises pages featuring a sequence of drawings or photographs. When they're flipped through the fingers, they create the illusion of a moving image – the drawings literally come to life in your hands!

A thaumatrope is two differing images stuck on a wooden stick or suspended between string. When rotated quickly, these images magically merge into one in an optical illusion that has been a favourite since times of old!

Recommended for kids aged 5 to 10. No booking required, drop in any time between 11am and 2pm.

  • Kids learn how characters are morphed and transformed into a short animation by creating their own flipbooks and thaumatropes. Discover these early forms of animation that never fail to delight.