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Some young people in a sound booth experimenting with sound effects.


Mastering Scorsese – Sound Design

16 Jul

Scorsese is both a visual artist and a technical master, with his signature fast-moving camera, sharp editing and mastery of the one shot. His style and technique reflect his love of different cinematic movements from all over the world, often blending these techniques with the dreamlike imagery of avant-garde films. In this series of free workshops learn to master the techniques that define Scorsese’s signature style. No prior filmmaking experience necessary.

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  • Sound is integral to Scorsese’s films and is used to heighten the sensory experience and take viewers into the interior world of characters as narratives unfold. Just as intense sound can create a dramatic climax, Scorsese’s use of silence is a powerful tool in creating suspense, drama and solemnity.

    In this second instalment of Mastering Scorsese we look at sound design for film using methods of illusion and creativity typically employed in Foley techniques. Recreate the sound from a climactic scene in Scorsese’s Raging Bull and create, record and edit your own unique sound effects.