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A group of young people in an film editing room.


Mastering Scorsese – Editing

20 Aug

Scorsese is both a visual artist and a technical master, with his signature fast-moving camera, sharp editing and mastery of the one shot. His style and technique reflect his love of different cinematic movements from all over the world, often blending various cinematic techniques with the dreamlike imagery of avant-garde films. In this series of free workshops learn to master the techniques that define Scorsese’s signature style.

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  • Scorsese is known his unique editing style, often employing short sharp edits in tune with music while blending style and techniques that reference his love of diverse cinematic movements from all over the world.

    This workshop series concludes with an overview of editing techniques often employed by Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker, an editor who Scorsese has worked with for the majority of his career. This session looks at the intention of the editing and how editing choices can subtly or pointedly convey the emotion, motives and mores of the era within the framework of the film.