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Being Real

29 Sep

Join Kristian Michail CEO & Founder of PLGRM Media as he explores and debunks the delusions, myths, barriers, and limitations of creative expression and uncovers the techniques behind their fearless and powerful brand of short-form documentary storytelling.

PLGRM is a media network, founded to create human connection. With a passion for Storytelling, their team has far more questions than answers. This is a storyteller's wake up call for creating original work

  • Kristian Michail, CEO & Founder of PLGRM Media, is interested in one thing – discovering and expanding what it is to be human. A graduate of law, an award winning filmmaker and a traveller of the world, Kristian at age 23 has come to realise one thing  – and that is that he knows nothing.

    A lifetime devoted to the inquiry of why we are here, what is our purpose, and what make us all human are the driving forces behind PLGRM, a media network standing for one humanity, and the common ground that we all undeniably share. Our birthright is to know thy self, and through documenting the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, we have a gateway to a new world of understanding and possibility.