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One of the best things about the ACMI visitor experience is the range of services provided by our highly regarded team of volunteers.

The ACMI Volunteer Program is made up of diverse, enthusiastic and dedicated people who are committed to celebrating the moving image in all its forms and to playing an active role in ensuring ACMI remains a valued cultural destination.

What do volunteers do?

There are over 120 active volunteers at ACMI, and most of these come in to help out weekly or fortnightly.

ACMI Volunteers operate primarily in front of house roles, assisting visitors to understand and interact with the broad suite of ACMI exhibitions, activities, and events while also assisting staff in program delivery. At times, volunteers can also assist staff in supporting roles in areas such as marketing, research and administration.

What are the benefits of volunteering at ACMI?

Volunteers at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image are involved in a great range of fantastic experiences. The benefits of volunteering include:

  • The development of new skills
  • Gaining insight into the workings of a leading cultural sector organisation
  • Practical experience for a future career in the screen-based field
  • Being involved in the Federation Square community
  • Meeting new and interesting people
  • Volunteer Program events, activities and training
  • Rewards for 'volunteers hours' milestones
  • Being part of one of the world's leading moving image centres

What types of people choose to volunteer?

Volunteers came from diverse backgrounds and choose to volunteer for many different reasons. Some want to learn more about screen-based culture; some want to pass on their skills and knowledge to others; some come to socialise with people with similar interests and some volunteer to gain experience.

ACMI volunteers are from all manner of age groups, cultural backgrounds and work backgrounds. From retired people and students right through to full-time workers and parents wanting to re-enter the workforce.

Volunteering at ACMI is for everyone.

Training and development

All volunteers are required to participate in the volunteer training and development program. Training is broken down into a number of stages and is structured to meet the needs of each volunteer. It includes:

  • Induction to and orientation of ACMI
  • Curatorial briefings on major exhibitions
  • Opportunities to engage with screen-based culture
  • Program/event-specific training
  • Skill development e.g. communication skills
  • Ongoing training and development opportunities

Want to find out more?

For more information or to register your interest in volunteering at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image contact:

ACMI Volunteer Program
PO Box 14 Flinders Lane 
Victoria 8009 

Telephone: (03) 8663 2414