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An Hero


An (Sweet bean)

Mature themes

5 Nov - 14 Nov

Sentaro (Nagase Masatoshiruns) is the proprietor of a bakery that serves dorayakis – delicate pastries filled with delicious sweet red bean paste (an). When an elderly woman, Tokue, (veteran actress Kirin Kiri) offers to help in the kitchen, Sentaro is reluctant but after a taste of her homemade an – Tokue tells him she’s been making it for 50 years – he decides to give her a try-out.

Tickets: Seniors $7 Member $6 Non-Seniors $13
  • Tokue’s lovingly made an proves a hit with the neighbourhood clientele and local high school students, among them the shy, attentive Wakana (Kyara Uchida). Sentaro’s small-scale business flourishes and Tokue’s gentle presence slowly helps draw him out of himself. A self-contained man burdened by guilt and a difficult personal history, Sentaro’s capacity for joy is slowly renewed. As it turns out, Tokue has painful memories of her own to reconcile, something Sentaro and Wakana only become aware of when fear-driven, deeply-ingrained social prejudice rears its head.

    “Adapted from the novel by Durian Sukegawa, the new film by Naomi Kawase is a graceful ode to the…beauty and joy we can discover once we learn to listen… [Kawase uses] cookery to explore her perennial theme of communion with nature. Beautifully shot and quietly moving, An is a humble masterpiece from a singularly accomplished filmmaker.” Toronto International Film Festival

    “A soft-centred ode to the virtues of patience, tolerance and bean-filled pancakes” Variety