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Dc Dracula 01 Hero


Presented by Daricheh Cinema

Dracula (Derakula)

Unclassified 15+
Mild violence and drug use

4 Dec

Ordinary family man Javad (Sperm Whale’s Reza Attaran) has been kidnapped. His captor, a seemingly nice man, is the last descendant of Dracula, who under the watchful eye of his wife has quit drinking blood. The pair form an unlikely and dangerous friendship, and in an attempt to kerb his new friend’s withdrawal, Javad introduces him to drugs. This leads to dire consequences.

Tickets: FULL: $18 CONCESSION: $16 MEMBER: $15
  • After directing, writing and starring in Red Carpet (Iranian Film Festival Australia, 2014), Reza Attaran returns to our screens, and behind the camera, in this Iranian horror-comedy.