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Kate Murphy's Push, a picture of a man in a diaper sitting on a wheelchair
Ho Tzu Nyen, 1 or 2 Tigers, installation shot of single-channel HD video commissioned by Carriageworks for 24 Frames Per Second, 2015. Image: Zan Wimberley. Courtesy the artist.



Monthly Program

ART+FILM showcases short and feature-length films by leading Australian and international artists. With a focus on single-channel works that harness the unique conventions of cinema, the program comprises internationally significant works from the ever-expanding field of artist films. The program stems from popular recent screenings and talks at ACMI by the artists Pierre Huyghe (2015), Luther Price (2014), Tacita Dean (2013) and William Kentridge (2012). 

Through partnerships with galleries, museums and festivals here and abroad, ART+FILM brings important artist films, and artists, to Melbourne audiences. The accompanying panel discussions, Q&As and artist talks offer further insights into these rarely screened works.