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A man wearing a green balaclava with bright yellow stitching looks down the lens of the camera.
'Summits: The End of Evil'


A Cinematic Delight, Turkish Film Festival Australia 2014

Coming Soon (Pek Yakında)

Unclassified 18+


21 Dec

Written and directed by comedian and actor Cem Yilmaz, Coming Soon follows the misadventures of  Zafer, an ex-movie extra who secretly plans to shoot a film based on a 1970s screenplay of a sci-fi fantasy that references the bygone years of ‘Yesilcam’, the Turkish Hollywood.

Tickets: $13 - $15. Member discounts available.
  • When his wife, Arzu, tells him she wants a divorce, Zafer decides to change his life by quitting his illegal movie piracy activities and realise a film project entitled Summits: The End of Evil that has been on hold since the 1970s, in order to win back his family and life.

    He plans to have both Arzu, who wants to become an actress, and the popular TV star Bogaç Bora in his film. With a small budget, an outdated screenplay, and a crew of limited skills, Zafer heads off on an adventure full of humour, fun, and emotion. He faces the difficulties of making the movie as well as the problems caused by his old criminal life in DVD pirating.

    Where did Zafer find to the money to finance the film? Will he and Arzu find happiness together again?