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Ashes and Diamonds


Ashes and Diamonds (Popiół i diament)


Masterpieces of Polish Cinema

6 Oct - 25 Oct

A Polish Resistance fighter ordered to assassinate a communist leader instead finds himself meeting and falling for a hotel barmaid, forcing him to question his beliefs and actions. Andrzej Wajda's third feature stars Zbigniew Cybulski - dubbed the 'Polish James Dean' – and was named by Martin Scorsese as one of his all-time favourite films.

No longer available.
  • Set in a small Polish town on the day of Germany’s surrender in 1945, Ashes and Diamonds is based on the novel of the same name by Jerzy Andrzejewski and is the final instalment in Wajda’s war trilogy, with A Generation (1955) and Kanal (1957). Plagued by controversy in Poland due to its subject matter, the film has been lauded elsewhere as one of the greatest Polish films of all time. It was nominated for two BAFTA Awards (Best Film and Best Foreign Actor for Cybulski) and won the FIPRESCI Prize at the 1956 Venice Film Festival.

    "When I first saw Ashes and Diamonds… I was overwhelmed by the film: the masterful direction, the powerful story, the striking visual imagery, and the shocking performance by Zbigniew Cybulski" – Martin Scorsese