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Tom's Dairy


Presented by Australian Volunteers International.

International Shorts

Unclassified 18+

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival 2014

15 May 2014

Reframing our perceptions of each other, these exceptional films explore shifting global and individual identities.

No Longer Available.
  • I'm Yours (Chase Joynt, 5 mins, 2012, Canada, 2012) 
    A direct, honest and humorous conversation between Chase and Nina provide the answers to your burning questions on being transgender.

    A Hole In The Sky (Àlex Lora, Antonio Tibaldi, 10 mins, Spain/USA, 2014, Somali with English subtitles)
    On the precipice of womanhood, a young shepherdess in Somalia reveals her hopes and fears as she approaches a life-changing event.

    A Day In Eden (Assal Ghawami, 11 mins, Germany/USA, 2014)
    Fereshde, a devout Muslim cellist, has come to play for the residents of a New York nursing home called Eden.

    Tom's Dairy (Oscar Kightley, 13 mins, New Zealand, 2013, English and Samoan with English subtitles)
    Living in New Zealand in the 1980s isn't just about Space Invaders and Bob Marley. For Johnny and other Samoan boys it's about avoiding the shame of class and racial intolerance.

    The Barrel (Anabel Rodriguez Rios, 11 mins, UK/Venezuela, Spanish with English subtitles)
    The village of Congo Mirador floats on an immense waterway near a site for massive oil production. Every year the children participate in a unique race using boats made out of plastic oil barrels.

    My Sense of Modesty (Sébastien Bailly, 20 mins, France, 2013, French with English subtitles)
    Hafsia is a passionate art history student, but if she wants to complete her final exam, she must do so without her hijab. A film that takes intelligent aim at Western preconceptions about art, women and religion.

    Adrift (Frederik Jan Depickere, 9 mins, Belgium, 2012, Swahili with English subtitles)
    Against a frozen landscape and the magic of the Northern Lights, Adrift is a stunning, poetic meditation on displacement and belonging.