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What’s Up With Love? 2 (ADA APA DENGAN CINTA 2): Australian Tour

Unclassified 15+

23 Aug + 25 Aug

Cinta and Rangga were only teenagers when they fell in love 14 years ago. Separated for nine years, chance reunited them in the exotic city of Yogyakarta. So many changes have happened in their lives, and things were not as simple as they used to be. Will they finally be together this time?

Tickets: Full $18 Concession $17 Members $16
  • What's With Love was the film that jumpstarted the Indonesian film industry 14 years ago. The two main stars, Dian Sastrowardoyo and Nicholas Saputra, were catapulted from newcomers to household names. But this film is more than that. What's With Love is the most beloved film for an entire generation of Indonesian. And after 14 years, the sequel is finally here.